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Terms and Disclaimer

The Event Toolkit has been designed to help event organisers with the planning of their event. The Event Notification Form outlines key areas that an event organiser should have considered as part of the event planning process and promts organisers to ensure they have all releveant permissions and licences in place. Submitting an Event Notificaiton Form does not constitute that we (Harborough District Council) are giving permission for the event to go ahead.

Our commitment to you, the Event Organiser, is to distibute your Event Notification Form to all key agencies and internal teams (known as Event Safety Group Members) for the Harborough district area, making them aware of your event.

What happens next?

The Event Safety Group Members will analyse the Event Notificaiton Form and contact you (the event organiser) directly if they require further documentation, proof of licences or permissions or if they need to ask any questions regarding the event.

If an event organiser would like advice from a several Event Safety Group Members and feel that it would be beneficial for all key agencies to get together, then the event organiser can call an Event Safety Group Meeting.  Alternatively, an Event Safety Group Member may call an Event Safety Group Meeting if they have concerns regarding the event or feel like some intervention is needed to ensure the event is safe and compliant.

Privacy Notice (PN)

Under Article 6(1) (e) of the General Data Protection Regulations, we are permitted to use data for our tasks; data protection law describes this legal basis for handling your information.

Event Safety Group Members are those outlined below which include Harborough District Council’s internal teams and external key agencies, all of whom are involved in the event planning process. Any information you share or submit via this micro site ( will be shared with all Event Safety Group Members or other key agencies involved in the event planning process. From time to time, it may be required to forward your details or your enquiry to other key agencies in order to assist in the provision of services to you. If you use the Contact Us function, the information included in your enquiry may also be shared with all Event Safety Group Members or other key agencies in order to provide you with an informative response.

Any of the Event Safety Group members may contact you for further information or to invite you to an Event Safety Group Meeting.

Any information submitted will not be used for marketing purposes.  However, your contact details within Highway sections of the Event Notification Form will appear on site notices for road closure applications. Your information will be stored, processed and destroyed in accordance with these provisions.

When using any of the online forms within this micro site, please note your information will automatically be distributed to Event Safety Group Members using our online XForms software.

For further information on how your information is used and your rights to access information we hold about you, please contact:

Data Protection Officer (DPO), Harborough District Council, The Symington Building, Adam & Eve St, Market Harborough LE16 7AG or

Who are Event Safety Group Members?

Event Safety Group Members are those who may have involvement in ensuring an event is safe and compliant. They are made up of Harborough District Council’s internal teams as well as blue light services, bus companies and highways departments.  Below are a list of current Event Safety Group Members, however this may be changed or updated at any time:-

Harborough District Council

Leicestershire County Council

Blue Light Services

  • East Midlands Ambulance Service
  • Leicestershire Police
  • Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service

Bus Companies

  • Arriva Bus Company