Business in Harborough

Standing up to the downturn - voluntary sector, neighbourhoods, staff and development

This is a list of actions which local authorities can take and what the District Council is doing to support the voluntary sector, local neighbourhoods, staff and built development:

  • Work with CAB to provide a package of support and advice.

The Council has been providing annual funding to South Leicestershire Citizens Advice Bureau for a considerable amount of time. The funding is provided to provide a wide range of advice and information to our residents.

 In addition to this, HDC looked at the high demand for money advice services within the district during the Business Planning process for 08/09. As a result of this, an extra £7,000 was provided to meet the additional need and develop new outreach services for rural communities. This arrangement continues into 09/10.

  • Raise awareness of local advice services/agencies which cover issues such as housing, debt, racism, unemployment etc

Harborough Home Search (Property Shop) deals with housing and homelessness prevention initiatives including signposting to local advice services.

  • Ensure that we have the information on the impact on the most deprived communities and on specific groups - young families, older people, new arrivals etc

Work undertaken with voluntary sector.

  • Increase focus on neighbourhoods experiencing the greatest impact of downturn

There is a group supporting priority neighbourhoods

  • Look at money advice surgeries etc for staff

We offer an Employee Assistance Telephone Counselling service which covers a range of advice services for staff

  • Promote car sharing schemes

HDC will be looking to further car sharing

  • Transfer the degree of risk from developers - be prepared to be flexible over the phasing of planning obligations or even forgo some developer contributions where viability is genuine

A paper setting out the approach to recovery of Section 106 monies from developers was approved at Executive on 30 March.

  • Ensure that planning applications are processed as quickly as possible to keep the building trade moving.

HDC is exceeding all the above targets.