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Welland Park Centre Project

Photo showing cafe at Welland Park in Market Harborough



The provision of a new community facility has continued to be a long standing item in the Harborough Improvement Team Action Plan since our involvement in, and contribution to, a general feasibility study in 2006. At that time the project did not proceed due to lack of resources. So I am really pleased that, following the production of a new business plan in 2011, an application to the Leicestershire County Council Big Society grant fund was successful and that the project has made further progress towards its next stage of development with the production of a detailed feasibility study and consultation with the community. This is avialable to download at the bottom of this page.

I think this is an exciting project with the potential to develop an attractive building and sustainable business in Welland Park that benefits all of the community. 

My thanks to the partners who have contributed their time and resources to developing the project: Self Unlimited, Leicestershire County Council and Harborough District Council.

Martin Hill, Chair, Harborough Improvement Team


The Vision

Visual of Welland Community Centre

Welland Community Centre Profile (Design Idea)

To help bring forward the development of the new centre it is important to understand the impact it will have once it has been built and opened. This is captured in the vision for the centre:

The Welland Park Centre is an outstanding landmark building that reflects, links with and complements the natural and parkland environment. It is a sustainable and welcoming structure that excites interest and exploration. Inside, the building is vibrant, well used and well organised. A wide range of community activities take place throughout the day and evening and regular users include park visitors, community groups and sports club members. The focus of the building is an excellent cafe with a relaxing and comfortable environment that overlooks the park and provides a wide range of tempting hot and cold drinks, cakes and snacks.

The café, administration and maintenance staff at the centre are highly motivated, friendly and efficient and ensure that the highest quality services are provided. This employment provides high quality jobs and training that is fulfilling and focused on the development needs of people with learning disabilities.

Feasability Study and Consultation.

Following the consultation carried out in the town, market and at the cafe we received over 240 completed surveys.  These and the comments received will be passed onto the consultants working on the feasibility study to form part of the final report.  A big thanks to all the people who took the time to complete a survey and offer their feedback and views on the proposals.

What Next?

The feasibility study is positive about the project and does support the viability of a new café facility but there remains a long way to go if the project is to proceed to the next stage, with key issues such as sourcing capital funding for the building, wider partner participation, and getting permission from the land owners to proceed to be addressed.

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Available to download for this project:

Feasability Study

Business Plan

Consultation documents