Changes in Circumstances

Changes in your Circumstances

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Whilst you are receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support you must tell us about any changes in your circumstances which may affect your claim. 

If you are in receipt of Pension Credit you must notify your changes to the Pension Service 

Below are some of the examples of changes you should notify of :

  • If you start or stop getting Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance
  • If you or your partner move house or change rooms in a house you share with other people (even if this is a temporary move for renovations)
  • If you or a member of your household goes into hospital
  • If children or other adults leave or move into your home
  • If your wages change
  • If there are any changes to any tax credits you receive 
  • If your private pension / annuity changes
  • If your Pension credit changes
  • If your savings change
  • If any other income you receive changes
  • If the income of other adults living in your home changes
  • If you are a private tenant and your rent changes                   

You must notify of any changes in your circumstances in writing immediately.

If you fail to do this you may lose any extra benefit or support that you are entitled to, and an overpayment may be raised which you may be liable to repay.

Temporary absence from home

Normally Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support can only be paid if you are actually living in the property you are claiming for.

However there are situations where we may still pay Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support if you are temporarily away from your home.

Depending on the reason you are away, we may be able to pay for up to 13 weeks, or even 52 weeks in special cases.

Please read here for more information on temporary absence.

If you require any further information or advice on changes in your circumstances please  contact the Benefit Team.

Failure to report a change or to claim falsely could lead to prosecution.

If you wish to report a fraudulent claimant please contact us : 

By phone : 01455 255683

By email:

By letter, addressed to:

Harborough District Council
Benefit Investigation Team
Revenues & Benefits Service
PO Box 10004
LE10 9EJ

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