Making a claim

How is Benefit calculated?


Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit  / Council Tax Support is calculated by comparing how much income you have got coming in by how much money the Government says you need to live on.  

The amounts are known as personal allowances and reflect the basic living needs of the claimant and any family members.

If you/your partner or children are disabled, you may be able to get more help.

Whose income (money) counts    

The income belonging to the claimant, any partner and in most cases, that of any young child or young person.

What is taken as income      

All State Pensions and Benefits, Private Pension, Salaries and Wages, payments received from boarders and lodgers etc.  For every £250 of savings which exceeds £6,000 an income of £1.00 per week is taken into account. If you are aged 60 or more it is £1.00 for every £500 which exceeds £10,000. Interest from savings is not taken into account.  War Pensions, Attendance Allowance, Mobility Allowance, Child Benefit and Maintenance in respect of a child are disregarded in full, but need to be declared on the application form.

Are the full salary and wage amounts taken into account when Benefit is assessed

No. From the gross amounts are deducted Income Tax, National Insurance, half of any payment to a Private Pension or a Superannuation Scheme.  After that there is a further disregard of £5 for a single person, £10 for a couple or £25 for a single parent.  If you pay someone to care for your child/children you may also be able to get some of this payment deducted from the income we use in the Benefit calculation.

What is taken as capital   

Money held in Banks (including any current accounts), Building Societies, T.S.B., Post Office Accounts etc., Cash, Bonds, Premium Bonds, National Savings Certificates, Stocks & Shares. Property/land that you have an interest in.  This does not include the property you occupy as your home.

Will my Benefit be affected if there are other adults in the household

If you have adults living with you (that is people over 18 years of age), the Regulations require a set amount to be deducted from your Benefit.  This is because the Government says that these people should be paying you something towards the upkeep of the home.  The amount to be deducted depends on the income and circumstances of the adult(s).  In certain circumstances there is no deduction. 

These adults are known as non-dependants.


We will work out your benefit as quickly as we can.  We cannot work out benefit until we have all the information we need.  If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks please contact us.