Fraud Investigation

How do I report a Benefit Fraud?



If you suspect anyone committing Benefit Fraud in respect of Housing or Council Tax Support please complete this online form or contact us:

By phone : 01455 255683

By email:

By letter, addressed to:   

Fraud Investigation Team
Leicestershire Partnership 
Revenues & Benefits Service
PO Box 10004
LE10 9EJ

When you report a Benefit Fraud it can be done anonymously as you do not need to tell us your name and address unless you want to.

However it may assist us if you do give your contact details as we would be able to contact you back for further information.

Under no circumstance will we the inform the person under investigation who made the report.

If the case goes to court you will not be called as a witness.

What happens after a report is made?

The information you have given in the report will be cross referenced to the persons claim, if they have one. Any discrepancies will be fully investigated.

Some investigations can be very complex and take months to resolve and we are unable to tell you the outcome of a report you make.

What happens if fraud is found?

If it is found that a fraud has been committed one or more of the following may happen:

  • the person is taken to court for prosecution
  • they are asked to pay a Administration Penalty instead of being taken to court. This would be in addition to the amount of overpayment they have to pay back
  • they receive a Local Authority Caution. This is given in less serious cases, instead of a prosecution, when someone admits to the fraud and shows regret for their action
  • their benefit is stopped or reduced