Dangerous Structures

What happens when a dangerous structure is reported to us?

  • We will visit the site and assess the danger.
  • If the reported danger, in our professional opinion, is not dangerous, then we will take no further action. If minor repairs/maintenance are necessary we may contact the owner to get these carried out.
  • If we consider that a danger does exist, but not of an absolutely immediate nature, then we will contact the owners and agree a course of action. This will set a time by which to make the building or structure safe or to remove the danger. The situation is monitored until resolved. In some circumstances we may apply to the Magistrates Court for an order requiring the owner to do the work.
  • If we find the situation to be so dangerous that matters cannot wait, and the owners cannot do something immediately, we have the powers to make safe or remove the danger.

  • Report a dangerous structure online