Which application method should I use?

What Can I Do if my Plans are Rejected?

LABC logo grey You can start work provided you give the necessary notice of commencement required under Regulation 15 of the Building Regulations and are satisfied that the building work itself now complies with the Regulations. However, it would not be advisable to follow this course if you are in any doubt and have not taken professional advice. Instead you could:

(i) resubmit your full plans application with amendments to ensure they comply with Building Regulations, a straightforward resubmission will not attract a new plan charge; or
(ii) if you think your plans comply and that the decision to reject is therefore not justified, you can refer the matter to the Secretary of State for their determination, but usually only before the work has started or
(iii) if you think that a particular requirement of the Regulations is not appropriate or too onerous in a particular case, it would be open to you to ask the Local Authority to relax or dispense with it. If the Local Authority refuse your application you could then appeal to the Secretary of State within one month of the refusal.
A fee is payable for determinations but not for appeals. The fee is half the Plan Fee, excluding VAT, subject to a minimum of £100 and a maximum of £1000. The Secretary of State will then seek comments from the Local Authority on your application or appeal which will be copied to you. You will then have a further opportunity to comment before a decision is issued by the Secretary of State.

Read further guidance on building regulations determinations and appeals on the Gov.UK website.