Council Tax

Banding Enquiry



How is Council Tax Calculated?

The Valuation Office will band your property and the council will issue the bill based on that Banding. The bandings are assessed on the 1991 capital value of your property.

All domestic dwellings are charged according to the property band allocated by the Valuation Office. The relevant band allocated is based on the market value of a property as at 1st April 1991. Even if your property is newly built, it will still be banded based on what it would have been worth at that date.

What Council Tax Band am I in?

Click here to view the current Council Tax Banding Charges for 2014 / 2015

To maintain parity in the Banding List, if your property was built after 1991 it will be subject to the same Valuation criteria. 

If you do not agree with the band for your property and you wish to make an appeal, please contact the Listing Officer at :

Leicester Valuation Office
Enkalon House
92 Regent Road
Tel : 03000 501501
Fax : 03000 505145

You should continue to pay your original Council Tax Demand Notice whilst your appeal is outstanding. 

In the event of an overpayment the credit will be offset against any outstanding balance and the remainder refunded to you.

For further information see the Valuation Office website.