Football and Ball Games Complaints

Action the Council can take regarding Football and Ball games

The playing of ball games is not against the law and "No ball games" signs are not enforceable.  However, ball games deliberately and persistently played recklessly and leading to property damage can be classed as anti-social behaviour, something that we take very seriously. 

'No ball games' signs can be erected within residential areas in an effort to encourage youths to use park/open field playing areas. However unless a bylaw has been imposed by the local authority to run alongside the sign no legal action can be taken.

Powers are available under the Highways act 1980 to deal with football being played on a highway, as there is an issue of safety when playing on a road. Section 161 (3) of the Highways Act states: "If a person plays at football or any other game on a highway to the annoyance of a user of the highway he is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine".

We take a neutral, balanced view on the issue of ball games and expect residents to take responsibility within their own neighbourhood and work together to reach a compromise.  However, in EXTREME cases of DELIBERATE nuisance we may use our powers to intervene.

If you wish to make a report of SERIOUS nuisance please contact the Community Safety Team on 01858 821349.