Cemeteries and Burials

Monuments and Memorials

Do I need permission?

Memorials or any other form of monument can only be placed on the grave space with the permission of Harborough District Council. This permission will only be granted where a grave space has an Exclusive Right of Burial recorded against it.

Alterations  to any existing monument or memorial must be carried out with the permission of the Council. This will include alteration of an existing inscription or the cutting of an additional inscription.

Removal of any monument or memorial must also be carried out with the permission of the Council.

  • Kerb sets or any other means of grave space enclosure are not allowed with effect from 17th November 2008.
  • Existing kerb sets, fencing and planting will be allowed to remain whilst they are in good order. Replacements will not be permitted.
  • Items such as granite flower pots etc. are allowed but must be positioned at the head of the grave.