Parking information

Car parking permit scheme

Harborough District Council currently offer parking permits in several car parks in Market Harborough and Lutterworth

The quantity of permits on each site has been calculated to ensure that usage of sites will not exceed their capacity, therefore, though there will be no permit only spaces, permit holders should always be able to find a space.

The cost of permits has been calculated to provide a discount to permit holders, in addition to the added convenience of not having to buy a ticket. There is a greater discount on less centrally located sites.

Once your permit has expired you will be required to reapply for it, it will not automatically be reissued to you.

Read the full Permit Terms and Conditions.

Apply for or renew a car park permit

Permits may be purchased per quarter, half yearly or per year. At any sites where demand exceeds availability permits are randomly allocated between all applicants.  

Apply for or renew a parking permit by completing a permit application and renewal form. Once this form has been submitted we will assess your application and contact you within 5 working days.

Residential parking permits

Leicestershire County Council is responsible for the implementation and operation of all residents’ parking in Leicestershire. Find out more about residents parking permits and how to apply.

Permit Availability and Cost for Short Stay Car Parks

Market Harborough - Short Stay 

  • Doddridge Road (off Doddridge Rd) - 55 Permits
  • Symington's Way - 20 Permits

Lutterworth - Short Stay

  • Chapel Street - 15 Permits 

Short Stay Permit Tariffs as of 01 April 2012

Short Stay Permit Tariffs
         Annual     Half Yearly      Quarterly
      3 Day      £281.48      £143.24      £74.12
      5 Day      £465.80      £235.40


      6 Day      £557.96      £281.48      £143.24

Permit Availability and Cost for Long Stay Car Parks

Market Harborough - Long Stay

  • Angel Street - 10 Permits
  • Springfield Street - 15 Permits
  • St Mary's Road East - 10 Permits

Lutterworth - Long Stay

  • Church Close - 10 Permits

Long Stay Permit Tariffs as of 1 April 2012

Long Stay Permit Tariffs
         Annual     Half Yearly      Quarterly
      3 Day      £195.08      £100.04      £52.52
      5 Day      £321.80      £163.40      £84.20
      6 Day      £385.16      £195.08      £100.04