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Market Harborough Transport Evidence

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Alternative Development Scenarios at Market Harborough: Assessment of Transport Impacts Using LLITM Preliminary Base Highway Model

In 2009 Harborough District Council commissioned Arups to undertake a Strategic Transport Assessment of alternative options for the distribution of development  to be considered for the emerging Local Development Framework Core Strategy. The reports of this work are presented elsewhere on the LDF evidence web page.

At the time it was not possible to examine in further detail the potential scale of transport impacts of which could result from alternative development scenarios at Market Harborough, owing to the lack of transport evidence.

Discussion with the County Council in December 2009 suggested that the emerging Leicester and Leicestershire Integrated Transport Model (LLITM) expected to be available in 2010 would provide up to date localised base data and the opportunity to test the new model in a relatively compact urban area such as Market Harborough.

Following evidence concerning housing requirement and availability being updated in June 2010, alternative development scenarios were tested when the LLITM base data became available for use at the beginning of August 2010. This report has been prepared by Harborough District and agreed with Leicestershire County Council.

Leicester and Leicestershire Integrated Transport Model Report