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Retail Study

Street in Lutterworth with shops

In December 2013 Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners completed a Retail Study Update on behalf of Harborough District Council. The Study provides an assessment of the changes since the 2007 Harborough Retail Study.

The Study projects population, expenditure, shopping patterns and the impact of new forms of trading in the District at five year intervals over the plan period up to 2031. The Study assesses future retail floorspace and the potential capacity of Market Harborough, Lutterworth and Broughton Astley to accommodate projected needs. It also provides an assessment of the appropriateness of the existing town centre boundaries and provides recommendations on how each town centre can develop its role.

The Study may be read in full at the link below. Section 6 provides the recommendations and conclusions.

Harborough District Retail Study Update 2013

Please contact the Strategic Planning team should you wish to view the previous 2007 Harborough Retail Study (