Background Reports

Employment Site Review

The Existing Employment Areas Review is a technical evidence document and will inform the preparation of the new Local Plan for Harborough District. The purpose of this review is to assess the main existing employment areas in the district in terms of their on-going suitability for employment uses in accordance with policy Core Strategy Policy 7d). The Review gives guidance on which individual areas are considered to be ‘Key Employment Areas’ (KEA) or ‘General Employment Areas’ and should be retained for B class employment uses, and those which are ‘Low Quality Employment Areas’, which should they come forward, can be considered for release to other non-employment uses. This guidance will be considered and used to inform the preparation of the new Local Plan, but does not, in itself constitute Council policy.

All sites were assessed via mix of desk based work and site visits using an assessment pro-forma.  In summary the pro-forma was used to record general site information and assess factors concerning; market attractiveness, location & sustainability, strategic planning / local importance. 

Each site was assigned a of grade A, B or C which equates to a recommended designation and policy approach as follows:

Recommendation Description Designation & Policy Approach

  • A Key (Flagship) Employment Area (KEA) KEA – site to be retained & protected for employment uses
  • B Fit –for-Purpose Employment Area Non KEA – should it come forward, site to be considered for renewal or release to other employment uses (or mixed uses) depending on overall demand / supply balance and individual circumstances.
  • C Lower Quality Employment Area Non KEA – should it come forward, site should be released for other non-employment uses.