Pollution Control - Noise

Domestic Noise

This could include barking dogs, loud music or television, DIY and burglar or car alarms.

How do I make a complaint?

In the first instance, you may wish to approach your neighbour to discuss your concerns.  Explain your problem politely. People are often unaware that they are causing a problem and most people will be glad to do what they can to reduce the noise. The majority of noise complaints are resolved informally. 

If you feel unable to speak to your neighbour or your requests are being ignored contact Customer Services at Harborough District Council.

You will be asked to keep a diary of the dates and times the nuisance occurs, its duration and the effect it has on you. The records must be made as events happen not some time later. Records should be kept for a representative period, usually 14-21days. 

Nuisance Diary Sheet.doc

Upon receipt of the records the Council will give further advice and may then undertake a full investigation into the noise to determine whether or not a Statutory Nuisance exists

Will the Council always be able to take action?

If the noise is so severe that a Statutory Nuisance exists, then an Abatement Notice may be served on the person(s) responsible.  Failure to comply with the Notice is an offence which could result in noise producing equipment being seized and / or prosecution.

In the case of rowdy behaviour outside - call the police on 101 (24 hours a day) or the Community Safety team at the council on 01858 821349 (during office hours).

Unfortunately, the Council is generally unable to assist with noise complaints where the source is:

  • children playing e.g. in a garden, public space or park 
  • speech (talking and shouting) unless unreasonably loud or at unreasonable times 
  • day-to-day domestic noise (e.g. lawn mowing, hedge trimming, washing machines, vacuuming etc.)   
  • traffic noise (including essential roadworks and maintenance)
  • railway noise (including essential maintenance) 
  • Aircraft noise 

Customer Services

Council Offices, Millers House, Market Harborough, Leicestershire , LE16 7PQ

T: 01858 82 82 82

F: 01858 82 10 00