Pollution Control - Noise

Intruder Alarm Registration

If you have an intruder alarm, it can be set off accidentally. If this happens when you are out, you risk annoying your neighbours and paying the price if it has to be silenced by noise control officers.

By following these simple steps alarm owners can avoid annoying their neighbourhood and incurring unnecessary costs.

The following should ensure an alarm only goes off when it should:

  • Ensure your alarm is installed by a qualified engineer.
  • Look after your alarm - make sure it is maintained.
  • Make sure your alarm has a cut-out (20 minutes) to stop it ringing for long periods.

Even if you follow the above, your alarm could still be triggered by a fault or accidentally by a pet.

It is therefore important to register keyholders (preferably two as then we have more chance of contacting someone in the event of a problem) who can be contacted to switch off the alarm if you are away - and remember to let us know if you or your keyholders move.