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Combined Authority - your views needed

The city, county and district councils are working on proposals to create a combined authority which would guide decisions on transport, planning, skills and other key issues. Have your say here

Combined Authority consultation

Licence for dog breeding

Generally the law accepts that dog owners will from time-to-time allow their pet dog to have a litter of puppies.

However, in certain circumstances, any person who keeps more than two bitches and breeds the bitches for the purpose of sale of the puppies needs to be licensed by the local authority.

Apply for a licence

Apply for a dog breeding licence (PDF, 24KB). The charge for this licence is £115.

The licence is subject to conditions to make sure that:

  • Animals will at all times be kept in accommodation suitable as respects size, temperature, lighting, ventilation and cleanliness
  • Animals will be adequately supplied with food and drink and visited at suitable intervals
  • All reasonable precautions will be taken to prevent the spread among animals of infectious diseases
  • Appropriate steps will be taken in the case of fire or other emergency
  • A register shall be kept of all bitches