Chairman of the Council

Chairman's Badge of Office

Image of Harborough District Council coat of arms in colour

The badge, or medallion, to the chain of office was made in 1975 by Shaw and Sons in silver gilt to a basic design prepared by members and officers of the Council.  The design is not a coat-of-arms but it incorporates emblems representative of the four districts united under local government re-organisation in 1974.

These emblems are as follows:

  • The Roman Eagle: one of the oldest heraldic devices and appertains to the Roman roads of Watling Street and the Fosse Way which form the westerly boundary of the District.
  • The Holy Bible: alludes to the work of John Wycliffe in translating the Bible into English whilst Rector of St Mary's Parish Church , Lutterworth from 1374 to 1384.
  • The Horseshoe: was a common heraldic device used in the arms of certain ancient manors in the Billesdon area.  The horseshoe is also illustrative of the District's industry and the traditional sport of fox hunting .
  • The Bull's Head: represents cattle rearing for which the whole District is famous, particularly so in the Welland Valley .  This emblem also appeared in the arms of the former Lutterworth Rural District Council.
  • The Wavy Lines: symbolise the District's rivers of which the Avon and the Welland form the District's long southern boundary with Northamptonshire.   This emblem is also illustrative of the medieval ridge and furrow which is so characteristic of the landscape of the Harborough District.

Image of Harborough District Council coat of arms in black and white










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