Electoral Registration

Register to Vote

Check list

If you have not registered on the Electoral Register you will not be able to vote in any elections, polls or referendums.

You can check the Electoral Register at the Council Offices or by telephoning Customer Services on 01858 82 82 82.

The Register of Electors is an important tool to make sure that we can contact every person in the District who is old enough to vote.

  1. The information is required by law
  2. Anyone who is not on the regsiter cannot vote at elections
  3. Your Parish Council may wish to hold a poll on an important village issue
  4. Credit reference agencies use the register when assessing credit worthiness, if you are not on the regsiter you may experience difficulties obtaining credit.

Registering to vote

In June 2014, the way you register to vote will change. The new registration system is called ‘Individual Electoral Registration’.

Previously, the ‘head of every household’ was responsible for registering everyone who lived at each address. They would do this by completing the annual canvass form that is posted to properties by Harborough District Council in autumn each year.

When the new system is introduced unregistered people who want to register to vote will need to register by filling out an individual form the other change that has been introduced under the new system will enable people to register to vote using a new online form.

Already registered to vote

Look out for a letter which will be sent between July and August 2014. Most people who are already registered to vote will be registered automatically under the new system. They do not need to do anything. However, some people will need to take action to join the new register.

We will be writing to people to tell them whether they need to take action. Respond to the letter if you are asked to. The letter will tell you whether you are on the new register or whether you need to take action, and will explain what you need to do.

Register to vote

Register to vote. You will need to provide your:

  • name
  • address
  • date of birth
  • a few other details
  • your national insurance number, which can be found on your national insurance card, or in official paperwork such as payslips, or letters about benefits or tax credits

Look out for a confirmation to say you’re registered.

You can also complete a form and return to the Elections team by email or post or you can contact us for more information at:  e.services@harborough.gov.uk

Free registration

Registration on the Electoral Register is provided by the Council free of charge.

The Electoral Commission, the UK elections watchdog, is urging people not to use a paid-for service to register to vote.  The independent elections watchdog has contacted ‘UK Electoral Roll’ after it was alerted to the company offering a £30-a-time ‘assisted service’ to complete customers’ electoral roll registrations. Read more information from the Electoral Commission.