Electoral Registration

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Register to vote.

To vote by post in future elections complete a postal vote form showing your signature. You can cancel your postal vote up to 11 days before an election if you decide you no longer want to vote by post.

If you have not registered on the Electoral Register you will not be able to vote in any elections, polls or referendums.

You can check the Electoral Register at the council offices or by emailing e.services@harborough.gov.uk

The Register of Electors is an important tool to make sure that we can contact every person in the District who is old enough to vote.

  1. The information is required by law
  2. Anyone who is not on the regsiter cannot vote at elections
  3. Your Parish Council may wish to hold a poll on an important village issue
  4. Credit reference agencies use the register when assessing credit worthiness, if you are not on the regsiter you may experience difficulties obtaining credit.

Changes to the way you register to vote

The way you register to vote in England changed on June 2014. Under the new Individual Electoral Registration process you need to provide a few more details in order to register: date of birth and National Insurance number. These details are checked against government records to verify your identity and make the system more secure.

All elector records we hold were sent to be matched with Government records. Where a record was confirmed satisfactorily the details have been automatically transferred over to the new register. 

Letters about registering to vote

Letters have been sent to all residents who are on the register of electors. This letter is entitled ‘Your vote matters. The way you register to vote is changing’. The letter will either:

  • Confirm that your record has matched and you do not have to do anything else
  • Explain that your electoral record did not match and invite you to re-register

There are 2 versions of the register:

  • Electoral register: includes everyone who has applied to be added, its use is very restricted and it can only be accessed by credit reference agencies, some government bodies and for political use
  • Open register: can be purchased by anyone for purposes such as mail shots; if you don’t want your details to be included on the open register you must tell us, email e.services@harborough.gov.uk

Free registration

Registration on the Electoral Register is provided by the Council free of charge.

The Electoral Commission, the UK elections watchdog, is urging people not to use a paid-for service to register to vote.  The independent elections watchdog has contacted ‘UK Electoral Roll’ after it was alerted to the company offering a £30-a-time ‘assisted service’ to complete customers’ electoral roll registrations. Read more information from the Electoral Commission.