Recycling, composting and waste

New 3 bins service

Blue lidded bin

The blue lidded wheeled bin is for dry recycling including plastics. Read more about the blue lidded bin.

Blue lid bin INSERT

Paper bin insert

An insert fits inside your blue lidded bin and is for paper only. Read more about the paper insert.

black bin

Black bin

The black bin is only for rubbish that cannot be recycled. Find out more about the black bin.

green bin

Green bin

The green bin is for loose green garden waste. Read more about the green bin.

Bin Calendar

Collection calendars

The collection calendars show the days bin collections will take place. Find out when your bin will be collected.

Bulky waste collection

Large waste items

The Council provides a paid service for the collection of large items of household waste. Find out more about the collection of large waste items.

Bring site

Recycling sites

Household waste and recycling sites or tips are located across the county. Find out more about the recycling sites.


Recycle and reuse

Information and advice to help you create less waste. Read more information about recycling and reusing your household items.

Trade Waste

Trade waste

We help businesses to meet their waste and recycling needs at competitive prices. Find out how we can help your business.

Street cleaning

Street cleaning

The Council is responsible for the sweeping of streets and the removal of litter from public Highway areas. Find out more about street cleaning services.



Composting is simple to do and great for the environment. Read more information and advice on composting.

Clinical waste

Clinical waste

Collections for clinical waste are available through the Council. Read more about clinical waste collections.

fly tipping

Flytipping, flyposting and graffiti

The Council has responsibility for acting on reports of flytipping, flyposting and graffiti. Find out more about, or report environmental crime.

Assisted collections

Help with bin collections

The council provides an assisted collection service to residents who are elderly, infirm or disabled and have no one else at the property to help. Find out more about getting help with bin collections.