Council budgets and spending


Strong financial management is important, as is planning for the future. We make our financial information available online.


Budgets & Spending

The budget is an annual plan of the business activities of the council.

Budgets & spending


Audit & performance

Click on the link below to find more about how we are audited.

Audit & Performance

Expenses allowances

Allowances & expenses

To carry out work effectively, in some circumstances, staff and councillors are provided with allowances and expenses, to cover such things as work-related travel costs

Allowances & expenses


Statement of Accounts

The Statement of Accounts provides information about costs and income of our services for the financial year and liabilities and assets at the year end.

Statement of Accounts

Invoice bill


Transparency (also known as open data) is important to us and the community. We publish our financial information for the public to view online.


Coins fees charges

Fees & charges

The council sets fees and charges for such things as the hire of market stalls, recreation facilities, allotments and cemeteries. 

Fees & charges


Asset management

The council owns a number of assets including the council offices in Market Harborough, and the Market Hall which houses the indoor market

Asset management


Financial management

The Financial Management page has information about the Medium Term Financial Strategy, The Prudential Code and the Treasury Management Strategy 

Financial Management