HART - Harborough Against Retail Theft

What is HART?

Harborough Against Retail Theft logo

HART is a civil scheme that is non-profit making, and is a partnership between local businesses, Harborough Local Policing Unit and Harborough District Council, and was established in 2000.  Current members vary from small independent traders to large multiple retailers, and also other organisations and businesses such as Harborough Museum and various caf├ęs.  In the first year of operating the retail crime rate for Market Harborough town center halved!

HART is a radio-linked scheme where members can warn other stores of potential or actual shoplifters in the area, with the radio being listened to by the HART co-ordinator, the Police Community Support Officers on duty and the Duty Sergeant, and the CCTV control room.  The radio link acts as a deterrent to potential thieves as well as offering support and piece of mind to retailers.  The more members the scheme has the better the coverage within the town and currently the scheme has over 50 members, not including Pub Watch members.

HART also operates an exclusion policy where a person who receives an exclusion notice is excluded from all members premises.  For this reason all members must display the HART members' sticker in a prominent position in the front window, which can be seen clearly from the outside of the premises.