Apply for planning permission

Decisions on planning applications

Decisions on most planning applications are made by officers rather than the council’s Planning Committee. All applications are delegated to officers with the following exceptions:

  • Where a district councilor requests determination of an application by the Planning Committee within 28 days of the publication of the council's weekly list of applications on which that application appears
  • Applications where the intended decision would depart from the council's adopted planning policies
  • Applications where our Development Control Manager considers that determination by Planning Committee would be more appropriate
  • Applications to which the following level of counter representation has been received (Certificates of Lawfulness are not subject to this):
    • 5 letters representing different households and/or the Parish Council raising valid planning points
    • a petition containing 10 or more signatures
  • Applications submitted by the district council, its agents or groups related to the council
  • Applications submitted in which current elected Members or officers of the Council, or members of their household, or immediate past employees or members of their household, have a beneficial interest
  • Applications where the intended decision would depart from the advice given by the Highway Authority
  • Applications for 10 or more dwellings or 10,000 metres squared or more of commercial floor space

Council Planning Committee

Decisions on certain planning applications are taken at the council's Planning Committee. These committee meetings are open to the public.

View all Planning Committee agendas, minutes and membership.

The council's Planning Committee usually meets every 4 weeks on a Tuesday evening at 6.30pm in the Council Chamber at The Symington Building on Adam and Eve Street.

Meeting agendas are mainly made up of planning applications that need to be decided. The reports are written by officers and show the key issues, facts, policies and consultation responses for the application, and also have a recommendation for the decision.

Planning Committee meetings are open to the public so local residents, applicants and representatives of the Parish Council can attend. Interested parties such as neighbours and the applicant and their representatives can speak at Planning Committee meetings, but they must register to do so before 12.30pm on the day before the meeting and they will be allowed up to 3 minutes to speak at the meeting. Ward councillors are permitted 5 minutes to speak.

Read a guide to what happens at a council Planning Committee meeting.

Planning Committee decisions

View the latest Planning Committee decisions.

Applications can be approved, refused or deferred.

Where the decision is inline with the officer recommendation, the reasons for the decision will be set out in the officer's report.

If Members do not agree with the officer recommendation and wish to go against it, it is essential that clear reasons, based on sound land-use planning considerations, are minuted.

Where an application is refused contrary to officer recommendation to approve, the reasons cited will form the basis of the council's defence of its decision in the event of an appeal.

Deferrals tend to be to made to allow further information to be gathered. When deciding an application the council must give reasons that are based on sound land-use planning considerations and supported by relevant Development Plan Policy.