Council Tax

Council Tax-Enquiries


Council Tax is a property tax with a personal element that contributes towards the financing of local government services.

It is payable on all domestic properties within the Harborough District Council area of which there are in excess of 36,000.

Council Tax has two elements:  

  • 50% is the property charge and
  • 50% is the personal element, based on two adult residents
If the property is no-one's main home then the Council Tax will be payable at 100% for long term empty properties after a one month exemption. The charge is 90% for second homes/furnished properties.

If there is only one adult resident, a discount of 25% will apply. The amount of Council Tax payable will be 75% of the full charge amount for the Band (i.e. the 50% property element plus the 25% first adult element). 

If a property has two or more adult residents, the amount payable will be 100% of the amount for the Band (i.e. the 50% property element plus both adult elements). 

In deciding whether a discount applies certain people may be disregarded when counting the number of people in the property. 

If you need any information about Council Tax or wish to advise the authority of a change in circumstances, please contact the authority's Council Tax Section.