Apply for building regulations approval

There are 2 ways to apply for building regulations approval, you can:

Submit full plans

A full plans application is submitted before you start work. We will check your plans and consult any appropriate authorities (such as fire and water authorities) and make a decision based on these. Site inspections will be made when work starts but with the full plans submission you have the assurance that, providing the work is carried out in accordance with the approved plans, the regulations will be satisfied.

You must deposit full plans where a building is to be put to a use designated under the Fire Regulatory Reform Order, such as for a shop, office, hotel, boarding house, or certain type of factory.

For a full plans application you must submit:

  • Plans showing all constructional details, preferably well in advance of your intended start date for work on the site
  • Any relevant structural calculations (to demonstrate compliance with safety requirements on the structure of the building etc) - it is advisable that this is done by a competent person

Submit your application with full plans.

Architects and agents can submit an application using the Submit-a-Plan website.

Decisions on applications

All applications will be decided on within 5 weeks but they may be extended to 8 weeks subject to your approval (This is often useful to give you time to get all updated plans back to us after our initial advice).

If your plans comply with the building regulations you will receive a notice that they have been approved.

If plans do not comply you may be asked to make amendments or provide more details. Alternatively, a conditional approval may be issued that will either specify modifications, which must be made to the plans, or specify further plans that must be deposited. We can only apply conditions if you request us to or have consented to this.

If your plans are rejected the reasons will be stated in the notice.

You can contact us if you need any further advice.

Submit a building notice

The building notice application requires less detailed plans and is mainly used for simple work to houses such as internal changes.

No plans are submitted and there is no detailed check of the work before it is carried out - no official decision notice is issued. It is ultimately the responsibility of the person carrying out the work to ensure that the requirements of the regulations are satisfied.

Submit your application for a building notice.

Architects and agents can submit an application using the Submit-a-Plan website.

The work will be inspected as it is carried out but you will not receive any notice indicating whether your proposal has been passed or rejected. You will be advised where the work is found by the building control surveyor not to comply with the regulations.

If at any point we require further information, such as structural design calculations or plans, you must provide these.

If you are not confident that you (or your builder) fully understand the requirements of the regulations, then we would advise that you do not use a building notice application.

Fees and charges

View standard charges for all domestic building work

View standard charges for all non domestic building work


The amount you’ll have to pay depends on the type of work you’re going to do, but the total will be the same whether it’s a full plan or a building notice application. 

For some extensions and non-domestic work a submission of estimated costs for the works will be needed to value the project. These estimates should be based on a commercial value for completing the work rather than an actual cost (which might sometimes be less due to say an applicant undertaking part of the works him/herself).

The submitted estimate of works will be checked against independently published tables (prepared by the RICS) based on costs per square metre of floor area. Any differences found when checks are made will be discussed with the Applicant or Agent at the time of registration.

In the case of a full plans application, a proportion of the costs are paid when the plans are deposited and the remainder becomes due when works start on site. For Building Notices, the full charge is due when the notice is submitted. However, irrespective of the type of application, the total cost will be the same.

Details of the fee applicable to your project can be discussed with the Building Control team before making an application.

For estimated costs above £50,000 and £100,000 please contact the Building Control team.

On large or multiple housing projects, the inspection charge on a full plans application can be arranged so that payments can be spread over an agreed period or, divided by the number of plots within an application and raised on commencement of each plot.

Print application forms

Download and print building control application forms.

Shared ‘Party walls’

A wall is a ‘party wall’ if it stands on the boundary of land belonging to 2 (or more) different owners. You will need to contact a specialist party wall surveyor for any party wall disputes. Find out more about party walls.