Complaints Procedure


Harborough District Council is committed to providing effective, efficient and fair services.  We care about what we do and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve. We want to provide you with the best service possible.

If you feel that you have received a poor service then we would like the opportunity to put matters right.    

A complaint is when you are not happy with any of the following: -

  • Our standards of service
  • Our failure to do something that we had agreed the Council would do
  • The way you have been treated

How to make a complaint

If you are unhappy with a service which has been provided by the Council, or by a lack of service provision then you should first take the matter up with the relevant service area letting them know what you would like to be done to put things right.  The staff within the service area will try their best to resolve the problem at this stage but if they are unable to do so to your satisfaction within a period of 5 working days then you can request that your complaint is processed as a formal complaint. 

Formal complaints are monitored by the Information and Complaints Officer who will request the relevant service manager to provide a written response within a period of 20 working days.  If you are still  not satisfied with the response then you can ask that your complaint is reviewed by a more senior manager. This will usually be an Assistant Director or the Chief Executive and you will receive a written response within a further 20 working day period.

A simple chart setting out the various stages of the complaints process can be downloaded here.

If you have already raised the matter with the relevant service area but have not received a satisfactory response within 5 working days you can request that your complaint is dealt with as a formal complaint by writing to the Information and Complaints Officer at the following address or by emailing or by completing the online complaints form.

Information and Complaints Officer
Harborough District Council
Council Offices
Adam and Eve Street
Market Harborough
LE16 7AG


If you do not wish to make a complaint but wish to make a comment, compliment or suggestion then you can do so by using our online comments, compliments and suggestions form.

The role of the Ombudsman 

Complainants who express a wish, at any stage during the Corporate Complaint's Procedure, to make a formal complaint to the Local Ombudsman must be advised of their right to do so, and provided with a copy of the Local Ombudsman's leaflet (available from Customer Services and on line via the web site).  However, complainants must be made aware that the Local Ombudsman has to give the Council an opportunity to seek a local solution to the complaint within a reasonable time period.

More information of the role of the Ombudsman is available from the Council/ Libraries and the local Citizens Advice Bureau. Alternatively visit the website of the Ombudsman.