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Information on Harborough District Council waste contract.


Reference Number

SLR Ref: 406-1993-00001

Title of Agreement

Revised and Restated Services Agreement with FCC Environment Services (UK) Limited            

Local Authority Department Responsible

Contracted Services

Description of Goods and Services being provided

Fortnightly Residual Waste Collection

Fortnightly Recycling Collection

Green Waste Collection - there is an annual charge for this service

Name and Supplier Details

FCC Environment Services  (UK) Limited

company registered in England and Wales under company number 2375726 whose registered office is at Ground Floor West, 900 Pavilion Drive, Northampton Business Park, Northampton NN4 4RG

Estimated Annual Expenditure 14/15


VAT that cannot be recovered


Start, End and Renewal Dates

Start 1 April 2009, Review 1 April 2017, End 31 March 2023

Contract was awarded as a result of

Published Invitation to Tender

Small/Medium sized enterprise ?