Online forms: Bin request form

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You can use this online form to:

  • Request a new bin or replace a missing or damaged bin - A charge will usually be made to replace lost, missing or damaged bins, but if a bin has been damaged during collection a charge will not be made for a replacement bin. PLEASE NOTE: If ordering a bin for a new property, you must be in residence at the property before delivery can take place. 
  • Request different sized bins -  Standard sized black bins are 180l. 240l black bins are available for households with 5 or more permanent occupants. Standard sized blue-lidded and green bins are both 240l. Small 140l bins are available for all three bin types.
  • Request an extra bin -  All properties are entitled to a second recycling bin. Residents with medical needs that produce extra waste are also entitled to an additional black bin.

We no longer replace missing paper inserts. Paper can be placed in the main body of the blue-lidded bin to be recycled.

Please ensure that your bin is numbered/named upon delivery to help prevent it from being stolen.

New or replacement bin fees

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