Online forms: Tree work request

Request work is carried out on a tree we manage in a park or on public land.

You can request the following are removed or pruned:

  • Dead, dying or dangerous trees
  • Dead, dying or dangerous branches
  • Branches obscuring road/street signs and lamp columns
  • Branches affecting telephone lines
  • Trees (in appropriate cases) or branches which are damaging property

Work we will not do

If any of the following applies in your situation, unfortunately your application will be rejected and no further action taken. Work we will not do:

  • Remove branches overhanging private property - we have a similar responsibility to any private land owner or neighbour and will not cut back overhanging branches
  • ‘Top’ trees or remove branches to increase daylight or decrease height in relation to property
  • Remove branches or trees affecting views or interfering with TV or satellite reception
  • Remove branches or trees to prevent falling leaves, honeydew from aphids or other minor debris
  • Remove roots from drains or repair root damage to structures or surfaces where the tree has not been clearly demonstrated to be the principal cause
  • Remove branches or trees to prevent squirrels or birds accessing properties

Read our policies for work on council owned trees.