Guidance before you apply for planning permission

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Due to the current circumstances around COVID-19 and the latest government advice, the planning department are avoiding unnecessary or non-essential travel and is enacting its responsibilities under social distancing. As a result, officers will not be carrying out face-to-face meetings and site visits for pre-application requests. Officers will provide you with a written response. To aid this, we are advising applicants to submit photos with pre-application requests, these photos should be up to date, show the site and its surroundings and where possible be annotated. It is also recommended that you submit a site plan annotating where these photos were taken from.   

We can provide you with advice before you submit a planning application or application for listed building consent. You can make a request for pre-application advice here.

The benefits of this advice are:

  • Help identifying what local requirements you must meet
  • Lower the chance of your application being invalid
  • Help understanding how planning policies and other requirements affect your proposals

We can provide advice on plans at any stage. This could simply be on whether a particular kind of development would be acceptable, or advice on more detailed plans. You should consider what level of advice would be most useful for you in preparing your application, you should also be aware that the more detail provided by you the more detail the officer can provide in return.

What will the advice include

Our guidance could include:

  • An indication of whether the proposal is likely to be acceptable in policy terms
  • Identifying any amenity or design constraints
  • Identifying other possible constraints eg environmental, flood plain or highways
  • Identifying what consultations may need to take place
  • Identifying matters that may be covered by section 106 planning obligations

Information we do not provide as part of the advice:

  • Detailed technical advice
  • Drawing up of plans
  • Design the proposal for you

Once the required documents and fee is received the officer will decide whether to contact you to arrange a meeting or provide written advice within 10 working days of receipt. If you would prefer a meeting you should request this when the pre-application advice is asked for, however the Local Planning Authority will decide if a meeting is necessary.

Minimum information you need to submit

  • A site location plan scale 1:1250/1:2500 (site outlined in red)
  • Proposed sketches of the proposal showing height and scale of development
  • Photographs and Sketch drawings of site and surroundings (scale not necessary but measurements must be included)
  • The fee or payment reference

* See above note regarding procedures during the Covid-19 situation

Pre-application fees

There is no fee for:

  • Small commercial proposals ( less than 300sq.m)
  • Solely affordable housing proposals
  • Community proposals by local organisations, or parish, district and county councils
  • Applications that will only require listed building consent (if planning permission will also be required (ie extensions) refer to the below table)

We will decide which charge applies in the event of any dispute and will not consider a pre-application advice request until the correct fee has been paid.

Proposal Residential Commercial/ Change of use/ Other Fee (excluding VAT) Total Fee to Pay (including VAT)
 Strategic Proposal  50 dwellings or more 10,000 sq.m. floor space £5000  £6000
 Major Proposal  10 to 49 dwellings 1,000 to 10,000 sq.m. floor space £2250  £2700
 Minor Proposal



 7 to 9 dwellings

4 to 6 dwellings

1 to 3 dwellings

Under 1,000 sq.m. floor space and greater than 300 sq.m.














 Householder  Extensions, outbuildings etc to a residential dwelling only

Not applicable for commercial properties or for changes of use.

This fee is for extensions, outbuildings etc to a residential dwelling only. Please note the change of use to/from a residential property will be considered as a minor, major or strategic proposal as applicable.

£66  £79.20 

About our advice

Our officers will ensure that any pre-application advice is robust, but please be aware that any advice they give is on a 'without prejudice' basis and cannot pre-empt consideration of a formal application. We may change our views on the merits of a proposal if there is a change in circumstances after pre-application advice has been given eg a change in Government policy, case law or a previously unidentified matter comes to light. Further advice requested after the Council has provided a response will usually be subject to an additional charge.