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Section 106 Grant Fund

Please note: This page has been updated to reflect the most recent changes in the Section 106 grant process.

Funding from Section 106 planning obligations

Grant funds we currently offer for community organisations are:

  • Funding from Section 106 funding

Funding known as Section 106 (S106) can be used to develop and / or improve community facilities and various open spaces. This funding has been secured through a planning obligation request which is a deed or agreement attached to the land that is the subject of a planning permission. Contributions secured through planning obligations are used to mitigate or compensate for the negative impacts of a development.

Read more about Section 106 planning obligations.

Read how we secure Section 106 obligations in the Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document.

Who can apply for Section 106 funding

Applications for Section 106 funding can be submitted by:

  • Town/Parish Councils or a constituted Parish Meeting
  • Any constituted community/voluntary group based within the Harborough District specifically the parish to which the Section 106 money is associated with
  • Registered charities
  • Schools

Projects that have identified in a Council Plan or Strategy or Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan, will be prioritised. From June 2021 the Council will aim to process applications below 25,000 within a 6 - 8 week timeframe.

Applications over 25,000 will be scheduled in for the next appropriate Cabinet Sub Committee for Grants meeting. This also includes grant applications competing for S106 funds. These meetings take place twice a year.

BEFORE YOU APPLY - Please check the Funds that are available for the District section further down this webpage.

IMPORTANT - Please read the Guidance Notes for further details regarding applying for funding, these provide more information regarding eligibility.  

If you have any questions regarding Section Grants, please contact:


Apply for S106 Funding

To avoid any delay with your application,  we strongly recommend that you refer to the guidance notes when completing your form.

If you have any queries please contact

Section 106 funding is available to those parishes who have seen large scale developments over recent years. Parishes are informed of available contributions on a quarterly basis.