Energy rebate scheme

Council Tax Rebate – Frequently Asked Questions


How can I find out what band my property is in? 

Your council tax band is shown on your council tax bill. You can also find out by logging into Your Account or via Check your council tax band (GOV.UK) 

My property is newly built and doesn’t have a band yet - will I get £150? 

If you occupied the property on or before 1 April 2022 and meet the other eligibly criteria, then yes, when the property is banded by the Valuation Office, we will be able to make a payment.  

I live in armed forces accommodation - will I get a payment? 

No, properties owned by the Ministry of Defence are not included in this scheme.  

What happens if I move out of the area later in the year? Do I need to pay the rebate back? 

No, the payment does not need to be paid back if it’s been paid correctly. The effective date for qualifying for the rebate is 1 April 2022. 

I moved into my property on 2 April 2022 - what am I entitled to? 

You are not entitled to a council tax energy rebate. In order to be eligible, you need to be living in the property on 1 April 2022. You may be entitled to claim the rebate at the property you lived in on 1 April 2022. If your previous property was outside of our area you would need to contact the council where you used to live.  

I’m a landlord who is liable for several properties – is this payment one per property or one per person? 

The payment will be made to the person who is liable to pay council tax at each property. This should be the person/s who lives in the property - that is the tenant, not the landlord, if they pay council tax. 

I’m a landlord. Who is liable as a corporate body rather than as an individual? 

Payments cannot be made. If the tenant pays energy bills directly, they may be able to access support from their council’s discretionary fund. 

I am a lodger - will I get a payment?      

No, the payment is per household and will be paid to the liable council tax person. 

My home is a second home - can I apply? 

No, second homes are not eligible. 

I own an empty home. Will I get it? 

No, empty homes are not eligible.  

When does the £150 energy rebate scheme close?     

This scheme will close on Friday 30 September 2022. 

The discretionary scheme ends on 30 November 2022. 

Why can you not simply take it off my council tax bill?  

The government have asked to us make direct payments to households. If you pay by direct debit, we will make the payment directly to the bank account used to collect the direct debit once we have successfully collected a direct debit payment  

If you don’t pay by direct debit, you will receive a letter from the Post Office that will enable you to claim the rebate at any Post Office. You will need to take the letter and identification in order to claim the payment. 

I do not have anything to pay against my bill because I receive 100% local council tax support. Do I still get the rebate?  

Yes, if you meet all of the other eligibility criteria. 

I don’t want the money. There must be more worse off people then me. What can I do? 

The government has determined who is eligible to receive the payment. We have to distribute the money according to the rules. 

Do I need to pay this back? 

No, the £150 is a non-repayable rebate, unless it is found to have been paid incorrectly.  

What can I spend it on? 

The payment is being given to help with energy costs for example towards your gas and electricity bills  

Will this be an annual rebate? 

No this is a one-off payment.  

Is this payment taxable?  

No, it isn’t. 

This isn’t enough money; I need more help?      

Please contact Leicestershire Citizen Advice Bureau for help. Your energy provider may also be able to offer advice on how you can reduce your energy bills or offer you a better tariff.  

I’m in my overdraft and I want to use this to pay bills rather than pay off my overdraft. Can I do this?    

Yes, we can supply eligible households with a letter which you can send to your bank, so you can exercise your ‘first right of appropriation’ for the money. 

How do I know this isn’t a scam to get my bank details?      

We have had reports of scam callers saying they are from the council asking for bank details to pay the rebate into. This is not a call from us. We will never contact you by telephone to ask you for your bank details. 

Can I talk to someone about this, as I think my situation is complicated? 

Please check the website first and if your question is not answered there, please telephone us and select the energy rebate option.   

I don’t pay council tax, but I am liable with a full exemption - how come I am still entitled to it? 

You are eligible if you meet all the criteria; the payment is for energy use not linked to how much council tax you pay.  


Direct Debit Payers 

I pay my council tax by direct debit, when will I receive the payment? 

The payment should have reached your account on or around 20 May 2022 

If you have not received a payment by this date, it is safe to assume that your payment will be made through the Post Office. These letters will start to be sent within the next three weeks but please be assured that nobody who qualifies for the rebate will be missed or forgotten.   

My account has been set up to pay by DD - why is it not being paid by BACs? 

If the following apply we are unable to make a payment direct into your account: 

  • The name on the bank details does not precisely match the liable party 
  • The first direct debit payment was returned unpaid  
  • The direct debit was set up after the data was extracted to pay via BACs  

What does it matter if the details don’t match?  

When providing guidance about the energy rebate the Government made it clear that to prevent fraud and error entering the system a payment by BACs should not be made where the name on the bank details does not match a liable party. 

My council tax bill is paid by direct debit by my parents/employer and not me. How will I get the money?       

In these cases, you will receive a letter from the Post Office with a unique barcode that will enable you to claim the rebate at any Post Office. You will need to take the letter and identification in order to claim the payment. 


Payment through the Post Office 

If you do not pay your council tax by direct debit (or didn’t at the time the data was extracted from our system), or the details we hold for the liable person do not exactly match the name on the bank account used for your direct debit we are using the Post Office Payout Voucher Scheme to make your payment.  

My account is set up to pay by DD - how will I know that I am not being paid by BACs?   

If you have not received the payment into your account by the 25 May 2022 you will be issued with a letter from the Post Office.  

When will the Post Office start sending the letters?   

We anticipate that they will start sending them week beginning 13 June 2022, but will update the website with the precise date nearer the time. 

I understand that will need a photographic ID to collect the payment but I don’t have any? 

You will not be able to claim your rebate from the Post Office so as soon as you receive your Post Office letter please telephone us using the energy rebate option. 

Our council tax account is in a joint name. Who can go to the Post Office to collect the payment?  

We can’t split the payment in half, so if the letter is in joint names either of the liable persons will be able to collect the payment by going to the Post Office. You will need to take the letter and the required identification with you.  

What happens if I do not collect my payment straight away?     

The Post Office barcoded letter will expire after three months.  

You have three months to collect the payment from the Post Office, if you have not collected within three months, please contact these offices so we can issue a new letter but please be aware that the scheme closes on 30 September 2022 and no payments can be issued after this date.    

I have lost my letter, what can I do?      

Please contact us; we may be able to cancel the original letter and issue you with a new one. If subsequently you find the original letter, please destroy it as you will not be able to use it. 

My name/address has changed so it’s different to that shown on the letter. Can I still collect the payment?      

You will need to notify us of the change. We will cancel the letter and issue you with a new one. We will also update your council tax account, so it’s also corrected. 

I am housebound and unable to get to the Post Office, how do I collect my money? Ccan someone else do this for me? 

The post office is unable to accept ID from another person as it needs to be the person themselves. We will look into the other options available as soon as possible.   


Page updated on 27 May 2022.