Garden Waste Service

Before you subscribe

Garden Waste subscriptions for the 2021/22 service are now closed.

Subscriptions for the 2022/23 Garden Waste service start on 1 February 2022.


This year we have introduced a new subscription service for garden waste collections. Your log-in details and password from last year won’t be recognised and you need to resubscribe. Create a new subscription for Garden Waste Service 2021/22 or manage your subscription online. 

Our new Garden Waste Service 2021/22 allows you to create a new subscription and manage it online at any time without the need to call or visit us. You can update your information and preferences including: 

  • Order additional garden waste bins
  • Report a missed collection
  • Request a replacement for a damaged bin
  • Update your address and information

Please visit the FAQs page for more information and answers to specific questions. 


How to subscribe to Garden Waste Service 2021/22 

You can click on the New Subscription button (below) to start. Please note that you will be asked for the following information:

  • Title and name 
  • Postcode and address 
  • Telephone number 
  • Email address and password (used as your log in credentials) 
  • Security question 

You will also be asked to confirm that you've read and agreed with the Terms and Conditions of the service and our Privacy Policy. Please click on the links below to read them: 


Existing customers - 2020/21

Please note that if you are an existing customer, you still need to subscribe to the 2021/22 Garden Waste Service.


New customers - 2021/22

If you already have a subscription for the 2021/22 Garden Waste Service, you can log in to manage your subscription online. 


Web browser compatibility 

The Garden Waste Collection subscription form is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Please ensure you are using an up-to-date web before starting the form: 

  • MS Edge 
  • Google Chrome 
  • Safari 

Please visit the FAQs page for more information and answers to specific questions.