Your wheeled bins

Blue lidded wheeled bin

A complete list of items that can be put in your blue-lidded bin can be seen by clicking this link.

All of the recycling collected from your blue lidded bins is first taken back to the FCC Environment depot in Great Bowden. From there, the recycling collected is bulked and transported to the Casepak Mixed Recycling Facility (MRF) in Leicester to be sorted and sent on to its end destination for reprocessing.

Households are entitled to a second recycling bin if requested. Additional recyclable material can also be removed if presented with the blue-lidded bin, thise material should be contained in a cardboard box or clear plastic bag. Loose cardboard can also be presented but should be flat packed.

All other materials should be disposed of via:

Batteries and lighters

Please do not dispose of any type of battery, lighter or other items that could cause a fire in your wheeled bins. This can result in a fire being started inside the collection vehicles.

All batteries must be safely disposed of at a recycling and household waste site or in a battery bank at a shop.

Bin collection day

Find out what day your bin is collected.

Bin not collected

If you believe that your bin has been missed and not been collected you can report a missed bin collection.

Replacement for missing or damaged bin

A charge will usually be made to replace lost, missing or damaged bins. If a bin has been damaged during collection a charge will not be made for a replacement bin.

We no longer replace missing paper inserts. Paper can be placed in the main body of the blue-lidded bin to be recycled.

Make a request for a replacement bin.

Help with collections

The council can help with bin collections for residents who are elderly, infirm or disabled and have no one else at the property to help. Request help with bin collections.

Different size of bin

It may be possible to request a second blue lidded bin for your property, or change your standard blue lidded bin (240 litre size) for a smaller bin (140 litre size).

Make a request for a second bin or a smaller bin.

Bin hygiene during warm weather

Advice for good bin hygiene: 

  • Keep bins in the shade where possible to avoid them getting too hot and smelling
  • Double bag food waste to ensure it is not exposed to flies
  • Do not leave food or pet food out as flies will lay eggs which will develop in the bin - always cover food to avoid this
  • Wash bins out after collections with disinfectant to avoid smells and maggots
  • Keep the lid shut on the bin at all times to avoid flies entering it