Harborough Lifeline

"A wonderful service. I wouldn't be without it for the world."

Broughton Astley resident

Harborough Lifeline offer an emergency alarm service for anyone who feels vulnerable or alone, whatever their age or needs. Our customers may include:  

  • Those with physical disabilities
  • Those with learning difficulties
  • Those who live alone
  • Those with Sensory Impairment
  • Those with limited mobility or those who are at risk of falling
  • Anyone who may feel alone or vulnerable for any reason

A lifeline needn’t be a permanent arrangement. Sometimes our clients may only require the service for a few months as additional support at a particularly difficult time such as during an illness or following an operation or discharge from hospital.

How Does it Work?

"Very reassuring to know there is always someone who can help me if I fall and cannot get to a phone"

Market Harborough resident

A lifeline unit will be installed in your home, with a panic button. Additionally you will be given a pendant which can be worn on a wrist strap or neck cord, allowing you to keep it with you as you move around your home.

When either button is pressed your lifeline unit will call our control centre and you will be immediately connected with one of our team. The lifeline unit is fitted with a sensitive microphone which enables us to have a conversation with you wherever you are in your home.

If the alarm is triggered our call staff will have instant access to the contact details for friends or family and any other information that you have supplied us with. This means we can make sure you get the right help quickly.

Lifeline service

Key safes

Harborough Lifeline also supply and fit key safes. A key safe is a safe and secure way of ensuring that emergency services can gain access to you in your home if your key holders are not available. Providing them with a spare key also ensures that they will not need to force entry which can often result in damage to the property. Harborough Lifeline would fit the key safe to the exterior of your home. Ideally, it should be mounted on bare brickwork and in a location that is accessible but not too conspicuous. Once the safe is installed you will be responsible for choosing an access code. The installer will make a note of this and ensure that it is added to your record on our secure database.