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Lifeline costs

We have straightforward costs, regardless of whether you are enquiring for yourself, a relative or a business. And as we are your local council you can rely on us to be very competitive and trust us to deliver the care that we promise.

Our basic Lifeline package

Installation and demonstration: £59

Lease of lifeline unit and pendant: £4.53 per week. That’s just 65p per day.

These costs do not include VAT because, in many cases, it can be claimed back - ask us how.

This package also includes a monthly test call and an annual service visit. It also entitles you to one free weekly ‘Keep in Touch’ call, up to two weeks' worth of free daily calls and a birthday call. These are all optional extras which you can opt in/out of any time and at no additional charge.

Additional packages

We can supply a very broad range of telecare products, all of which can be fully integrated with our lifelines and are designed to give you further peace of mind whilst allowing you to retain your independence. If necessary we can provide smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, pull-cords, fall detectors, pressure sensors and numerous other items. If you are interested in leasing any of these devices from us please let us know when you make your application.