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Lifeline costs

Our Lifeline package

Setup Fee: £85 Standard & £105 Additional Equipment - please contact us for further information. 

Lease of Lifeline unit and pendant & 24/7 monitoring: £4.60 per week. That’s just 65p per day.

Many lifeline customers will be exempt from the payment of VAT on Lifeline charges providing they meet the conditions on the ‘VAT Exemption Form’

For an additional cost we can also provide optional sensors which can be programmed to your lifeline unit enabling us to respond quickly to any potential emergency. Additional pendants and fall pendants are available.

After sign-up:

Our Finance team will work out what you owe for the remainder of the financial year, (from the set-up date to 31st March). The amount you owe is then spread across the monthly direct debit payments. The number of monthly Direct Debits will vary depending upon your specific service / set-up date. Our Finance team will provide you with a minimum of 10 working days’ notice of your first Direct Debit payment. The payment will be taken on around the 25th of the month.

If you choose to spread the set-up fee across the monthly direct debit payments, then the set-up fee and the ongoing Lifeline service costs will be combined and spread out evenly over the year.

If you opt not to spread the set-up fee over your first year, the first direct debit amount will be your set up fee. The total hire of your ongoing Lifeline service will be collected over the remaining Direct Debits.

Clients signing up during February and March may not be invoiced until the new financial year. Therefore, the subsequent year’s invoice may be slightly higher as it will include weekly fees for the previous financial year and set-up fee. This will be spread across the 12 months.