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Enforcing planning rules

If someone does not get planning permission for a development or comply with the details of planning permission this is known as a planning breach.

Make a complaint

If you are concerned about a development near you which you think does not have planning permission, you can tell us about it by submitting a planning enforcement complaint.

We investigate complaints inline with our Planning Enforcement Protocol.  

Taking action - enforcement notices

We can take action to deal with cases of development that have been carried out without permitted development rights or planning permission; unauthorised adverts; tree protection issues; and non-compliance with conditions attached to planning approvals.

An enforcement notice is a legal document that can be served on people who have built something without the required permissions. We can serve an enforcement notice on you if we consider you have broken planning rules. Normally this will be because we consider what you are doing, or have done, is harmful to your neighbourhood.

Search our enforcement database and notices.

A notice could:

  • Stop or prevent an activity
  • Request the removal of an unauthorised building or extension
  • Ask for a development to be changed to make it more acceptable

Read our Planning Enforcement Protocol explaining the planning enforcement process and the actions we can take.


Anyone receiving an enforcement notice can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

Read guidance about making an appeal against an enforcement notice.