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Overview of cookies

A cookie is a simple text file which stores data. (It is not a program: it doesn’t do anything.) A website which uses cookies sends this text file to your computer the first time you visit. The cookie is then stored on your computer and holds data relating to your visit - typically the name of the website and unique user ID which anonymously relates to you. The cookies we use in this website cannot be used to identify you personally.

Why we use cookies

Cookies help us to improve your experience as a user of this website. For example, they measure how many people are using our online services. This information can help us to improve our website further (cookies used for web analytics).

You can control cookies

You can accept or reject cookies. You can also receive a prompt before accepting a cookie. You do this through your browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari. Find out more about controlling cookies at AboutCookies.org and Cookiepedia .

Cookies which are essential for the website to operate

The cookies below are necessary in order to provide a service to you which you have requested by using the website:

  • Name: TestCookie
  • Purpose: To determine whether a user's browser accepts cookie and can therefore log in
  • Name: random alphanumeric string
  • Purpose: To store the session id

Both of these cookies are required for our website to operate and do not contain personal data.