Housing Advice

Housing Conditions

The quality of the housing we live in has a significant influence on our health and well being. Where housing conditions are unsatisfactory, perhaps due to their design, condition or overcrowding, the occupants can be adversely affected.

Generally the housing conditions in Harborough are good however there are still a number of properties in unsatisfactory condition.

It is generally found that the properties in poorer condition tend to be found in the privately rented sector where people who live in these properties are not responsible for the structural condition and the general repairs to the property. The Housing Act 2004 has introduced a new way in which loacl authorities assess housing conditions. It uses a risk assessment approach called the Housing Health and Safety Rating System - HHSRS; the aim is to provide a system to enable risks from hazards to health and safety in dwellings to be removed or minimised. 

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System can be used to deal with housing in the private sector or housing owned by a public sector landlord such as the Ministry of Defence, NHS, a Fire and Rescue Authority or the police unless it has Crown exemption.

Where a hazard in a property is identified there are a number of different actions the local authority could decide to take depending on the circumstances.

House Condition Survey

From time to time the local authority conduct surveys to establish the general condition of properties within a particular area of the District. The findings of the districtwide comprehensive Private Sector House Condition Survey carried out in 2010 showed better dwelling conditions and energy efficiency in Harborough District than found nationally.

Such surveys relate to specific issues such as housing standards, disrepair, houses in multiple occupation, empty homes and energy efficiency of the stock. It also identifies the potential costs of making the necessary improvements to dwelling conditions and provides essential information for continued development of the Councils Housing Strategy and associated policies.