Community Safety

What does the Community Safety Partnership do?

Harborough District Community Safety Partnership

Harborough District Community Safety Partnership aims to maintain low levels of crime and promote safe, strong communities.

The focus of the Community Safety Partnership is on a combination of reducing and preventing crime and disorder;and the introduction and promotion of social and economic change. Community Safety activities will aim to reduce offending behaviour and also the harms experienced by individuals and communities because of crime and disorder and will seek to improve their quality of life through efforts to change the wider physical and social environment.


For partners to tackle crime, disorder, drugs and alcohol abuse, anti-social behaviour, hate incidents, domestic violence and improve community confidence around fear of crime and anti-social behaviour.

How are we performing

You can see updates on the impact our work is having using our performance dashboards on the Leicestershire Statistics and Research Online website. There are dashboards covering the following areas:

  • anti-social behaviour
  • crime reduction
  • domestic abuse