Pest Control

The service is provided for pests considered to be a risk to public health or food safety, these include rats, house mice, cockroaches, fleas and bedbugs. Harbrough District Council has appointed Midland Environmental Services as its pest control contractor.

Further information on Pests and Pest Control

The councils pest control service deals with rats, mice, wasps, fleas, bedbugs, and cockroachs.  Harborough District councl has compiled information on some of these pests for more information please follow one of the following links.

For information and advice regarding bedbugs, see the NHS Choices website.

Wild or Feral birds

The council does not offer a control service to for wild or feral birds such as pigeons and seagulls for advice on dealing with wild or feral birds please see the webpage How to deal with nuisance birds

Midland Environmental Services  also offer a bird proofing service. For further information please contact them directly on 0845 2691645.


Grey squirrels are an introduced species that are now common in most of the UK. They can cause damage and fires when they access buildings and chew electrical wiring.

Natural England has advice about managing grey squirrel problems.

Booking a Pest Control Appointment

To book an appointment with our pest control contractor call Midland Environmental Services on 0845 2691645 and quote "Harborough District Council"

Cost of Pest Control Services 

Pest Control Charges

 Normal rate

(per visit)

Concession rate

(per visit)

Rats £25 £20
Mice £25 £20
Wasps £55 £40
Fleas £65 £45
Bedbugs £120 £80
Cockroaches £65 £40

The Concessionary rate applies to residents claiming an income related benefit such as:

  • Income support
  • Income related job seekers allowance
  • Income related employment support allowance
  • Guaranteed pension credit 

In order to qualify for the concessionary rate proof of the income related benefit must be shown to the contractor.

I have an issue with a pest not listed above?

Midland environmental can also deal with other pests such as a wide range of beetles, silverfish, and earwigs.  For further details please contact Midland Environmental Services on 0845 2691645