Street Cleansing

Street Cleaning

The Council is responsible for the sweeping of streets and the removal of litter from public highway areas.

Street cleaning schedule

The council's street cleansing programme provides a regular cleaning of:

  • streets
  • channels
  • car parks
  • public conveniences
  • other public areas

Report a street that needs cleaning

You can report the follwing to our street cleaning team:

  • dead animals in a publicly accessible area
  • dog fouling
  • fly-tipping
  • fly-posting
  • graffiti
  • rubbish or litter in a public space or litter bins that are overflowing
  • needles or syringes in a public area
  • shopping trolleys left in public areas
  • build up of leaves 
  • abandoned wheeled bins
  • other conditions which could pose a risk to public health and safety

Make an online report for a street that needs cleaning.

Shopping trolleys in public areas

We are working closely with retailers to reduce the number of abandoned shopping trolleys in and around the Town area. We now have the power to fine retailers if we have to collect and store their shopping trolleys. Make a report of shopping trolleys that have been left in a public area. 

Grass Cutting

Cutting on all main road verges and urban road areas is the responsibility of Leicestershire County Highways. Read more information about grass cutting schedules.

Litter bins

The Council provides and maintains litter bins to try and prevent the depositing of litter in public places and arranges for litter bins to be emptied on a regular basis.

The average fine for littering is around £75, but can be up to £2500.