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Direct Debit Collections

Direct debit collections for both Council Tax & Business Rates due on 25 February, will be collected on 23 February.

Parish Council elections

Elections are held every 4 years for the 292 councillors who represent the 45 parish councils within the Harborough District. 

Election results

View the results of the parish and town council elections held on 7 May 2015.

In the parish of Lutterworth the local council is known as a town council rather than a parish council but its powers and electoral arrangements are the same as a parish council. Parish meetings do not have a separate parish council with elected councillors.

Find out which parish you are in

Swinford Parish Council - notice of election

View Election notices for vacancies on Swinford Parish Council.

Lutterworth Swift election of a town councillor

View the result of the Lutterworth Town Council (Swift ward) by-election held on 3 December 2015.

Work of Parish Councils

Parish Councils are the first tier of local government and are the closest elected body to the electors.  The powers of parish councils are varied and can include such things as provision of lighting, allotments, play areas and sports pitches, burial grounds, community centres and village halls, litter bins, bus shelters, seats and shelters, public conveniences, car parks and grass cutting/grounds maintenance. 

Parish Councils can employ staff and also have the power to make local byelaws.  As well as the direct provision of services parish councils also provide important input to proposals and services administered by other local and national organisations, including commenting on planning proposals, highways, drainage, local bus routes, health facilities etc.

A parish council is elected by the local community to serve the local community and anyone with an interest in local affairs can put themselves forward as a candidate at the forthcoming elections. The decisions taken by the council impact on all residents of their area in terms of services and facilities available to residents and also financially as local councils fund their activities by means of a ‘precept’ on the council tax. 

Leicestershire and Rutland Association of Local Councils provide more information about parish councils.