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Benefit information for landlords

Benefit is normally paid to a tenant but in some cases, it may be possible to pay Local Housing Allowance directly to the landlord.

Read more about when Local Housing Allowance can be paid directly to the landlord in our Safeguards Policy (PDF, 200KB). You can contact us for more information about this.

Apply for Local Housing Allowance to be paid directly to a landlord (PDF, 39KB).

Request payment by BAC's for Landlords (PDF, 224KB).

Payment can alternatively be paid by closed cheque.

Where direct payment is made to the landlord, a letter confirming the start date of the claim and the amount payable will be sent to them.

If your tenant is in rent arrears to the equivalent of 8 weeks or more please contact us as we may be able to pay their Local Housing Allowance directly to you.

Benefit is normally paid from the Monday following receipt of the application form. Local Housing Allowance is paid every 2 weeks in arrears if it is paid to the tenant, and 4 weeks in arrears if it is paid to the landlord.

Benefit is normally paid if the tenant has not occupied, or has left, the property, even if rent is due to be paid.

Information relating to a tenant's claim

All personal details of the tenant's claim are confidential and cannot be used for any purpose other than assessing benefit unless the tenant agrees in writing to this.

We cannot provide landlords with any information about tenants claims if we pay the benefit to the tenant.

We can provide landlords with the following information if Local Housing Allowance is paid directly to them:

  • The date benefit started
  • The weekly amount of benefit and how often it is paid
  • The amount we are taking directly from benefit to recover an overpayment
  • Details of any cheque or BAC's payments paid direct to them