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Hairdressers Licence

Hairdressers' Licence

Licensing of Hairdressers

The Leicestershire Act 1985 requires local authorities to license the activites or hairdressers. The person carrying on the practice and the premises involved must be registered with the council and must comply with local by laws. Harborough District Council has adopted this legislation. 

The council is able to charge a fee for any businesses that they register.

The fees for licences are:

  • £65.50 for the premises element
  • £65.50 for the personal element

A mobile hairdresser will only need to pay the 'personal' fee. 

When an application is received officers make at least one visit to the proprietor to check standards, and issue a certificate if the by laws are met.

The aim of the legislation is to ensure that businesses have procedures in place that protect public health.

An application must be made using the approved form and must be accompanied by the correct fee. 

Download hairdressers' application form