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Monitoring Information

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Monitoring Reports

The Monitoring Report is published twice a year and focuses on two 6 month time frames within each planning year:

  • 1 April to 30 September
  • 1 October to 31 March 

The purpose of the report is to monitor progress against Core Strategy targets and to monitor how effective the policies within individual Development Plan Documents are in meeting the vision set out in the Core Spatial Strategy.

The Monitoring Report also reviews the timetable set out in the Local Development Scheme and assesses progress against this. If any of the key milestones are not being met, the reasons for this and remedial actions proposed will be set out in the Monitoring Report.  View the current and previous reports.

Monitoring Reports on Housing Land Supply 

The Council now produces bi-annual monitoring reports on the level of housing supply within the District. These reports include a five year housing land supply calculation and a housing trajectory for the remainder of the development plan period.

View the latest housing land supply report.

Population Information

Each edition of the Monitoring Report contains a section on the demographic characteristics of the District. This includes current and future population estimates for the District as a whole. For more information on settlement populations visit the population page of Leicestershire County Council's website.