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Harborough District Local Plan

Harborough Local Plan 2011 to 2031

The Local Plan will set out the proposed scale and location of new developments in the district up to 2031. It also includes policies aimed at protecting and improving the environment and people’s quality of life.

Proposed Submission Local Plan Consultation

A consultation on the Harborough Local Plan 2011 to 2031 Proposed Submission was held for a period of 8 weeks from 22 September to 17 November 2017.

View the proposed submission Local Plan and accompanying related supporting documents (including Sustainability Appraisal, Habitat Regulations Assessment, Duty to Cooperate Statement, Equalities Impact Assessment and Consultation Statement). The Local Plan Proposed Submission and Policies Maps can also be downloaded below:

Supporting evidence

A wide range of background, supporting evidence was used in the preparation of the Local Plan Proposed Submission document. View supporting evidence.

Scraptoft Nature Reserve

Also forming part of the consultation were proposals relating to the future status of Scraptoft Local Nature Reserve.

Next stages in preparing the Local Plan (Local Development Scheme)

Subject to any issues raised in the Proposed Submission consultation, the intention is to submit the Local Plan and supporting documents to the Secretary of State for examination in 2018. An update of the current Local Development Scheme 2017 to 2020 is due to be considered by the council's Executive committee on 4 December 2017. This will set out a revised Local Plan timetable and confirm the proposed submission date.

Assessment of selected options

Following the new Local Plan Options Consultation and the assessment of the 9 alternative options, detailed analysis was carried out of the 4 selected options approved by the council’s Executive Committee in May 2017. These were:

  • Option 2: Core Strategy distribution
  • Option 4 (amended): Scraptoft North Strategic Development Area
  • Option 5: Kibworth North and East Strategic Development Area
  • Option 6: Lutterworth East Strategic Development Area

These selected options underwent further tests relating to land availability, infrastructure requirements, transport impact, flood risk, viability, landscape impact, environmental sensitivity/mitigation and sustainability. 

On 10 October 2016 the Executive Committee noted a report containing the minutes of the Local Planning Advisory Panel on 19 September 2016 which recommended that:

  • A Strategic Development Area on land east of Lutterworth should be the preferred option for meeting Harborough district’s housing and employment needs over the Plan period to 2031 and beyond
  • Scraptoft North Strategic Development Area should be allocated as a reserve site for 1200 dwellings, only to be released if needed to contribute to meeting housing need from other local authorities as agreed within a Memorandum of Understanding or equivalent.

At its meeting on 17 October 2016, the Advisory Panel resolved to advise the Executive Committee that subsequent submission of the Local Plan for examination be subject to the risks associated with the East of Lutterworth Strategic Development Area being satisfactorily addressed.  The Executive noted the minutes of this meeting at its meeting on 5 December 2016.

Assessment of the 9 alternative options

The 9 alternative options set out in the new Local Plan Options Consultation Paper were assessed in the light of consultation responses, the results of the sustainability appraisal, their conformity with local and national planning objectives and other evidence. The results of this assessment were presented to the council’s Executive Committee on 9 May 2016 and resulted in the approval of 4 selected options for further, more detailed assessment.  

Alternative options for the New Local Plan

A new Local Plan Options Consultation Paper was consulted on in September – October 2015. The paper focused on meeting the district’s future need for homes and jobs. It set out 9 Alternative Options for locating housing and employment across the district and other proposed policy approaches. The paper is accompanied by an interim Sustainability Appraisal of the options.

The Alternative Options presented in the consultation took into account the requirements of national planning policy and guidance and were informed by the available evidence.

Scoping consultation

A consultation was held on the new Local Plan from 18 March to 28 April 2013. Read the report and public responses from the new Local Plan scoping consultation

Previous Local Plan

Most policies set out in our previous Local Plan (2001) have been replaced by our Core Strategy, and these policies will no longer apply. A list of Local Plan policies that continue to apply are set out within Appendix 3 of the Core Strategy.