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Dog Warden Service

The Dog Warden service collects stray dogs from the streets, ensures that dogs wear collars and tags, and enforces the dog-fouling bylaws.

If you allow your dog to wander in public places without supervision, the law regards it as a stray dog. Dog Wardens pick up strays, after which the owner is liable to a charge of £25 plus kenneling costs before the dog can be returned. If unclaimed after a few days, the stray is taken to rescue kennels; if unclaimed after seven days it may be found a new home, with a new owner. This new person becomes the legal owner.

If a stray dog carries identification, it makes the return to its owner easy. Many dogs do not however, and are picked up and re-homed.

If you find a stray dog or have lost a dog you can contact the council by emailing or call 01858 828282.

If you find a deceased animal on public land, and wish to have it removed, you can contact the council by emailing or call 01858 828282.

What Does the law Require

The law requires a collar and identification tag to be worn by all dogs away from home. Owners risk a fine if their dog does not have a collar and indentification tag.