Local Land Charges

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What is a Local Land Charge?

To become registrable in the Local Land Charges register a charge must be "A restriction on the land, either to secure the payment of a sum of money or limit the use of the land. It must be binding on successive owners or occupiers." 

What is a Local Land Charges Search?

Everytime a property or plot of land is purchased, leased or a valuation carried out, a search is sent to the local land charge department.

A Local Land Charges Search (Local Authority Search) is your assurance that there are no outstanding issues that may affect your property or your subsequent use of that property.

Searches are usually made on your behalf by your solicitor. The search will reveal information that the council holds on that particular property or plot of land.

Examples of information given in the search include:

  • Planning history of the property
  • Building Regulations on the property
  • Conservation areas
  • Listed building status
  • Tree preservation orders
  • Enforcement Notices

Harborough District Council receives in excess of 2000 search applications per year and we aim to reply within 3 working days.